This project means a lot to me personally and professionally. World War 1 has touched my family and both my grandfathers experienced its impact as young children living in the Ottoman Empire.

Also, as CAIA’s CEO, I feel that we have a duty to record these memories and share them for future generations, as neither is alive today and as their children who are now in their 80’s disappear, people will forget their family stories. So I was very pleased that the Heritage Lottery Fund agreed to support this project which seeks to involve as many UK Armenian families as possible as well as those connected to them because they all experience the impact of the WW1 in different ways.

We therefore welcome anyone who wants to be involved in the project, whether it’s sharing your family story, attending the events, or contributing a skill you have – this journey will be even more interesting and rewarding for all together.

Misak Ohanian is the CEO of The Centre for Armenian Information and Advice (CAIA)